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InstaForex Rivals

Today, InstaForex Company offers the best conditions for partners which is manifested in affiliate commission size and the company`s policy. Unfortunately, InstaForex rivals sometimes play on figures and facts veiling real conditions for partners by using deliberately misleading terms. Below you can see the examples of such maneuvers:

Profit of any InstaForex representative office is tied to the number of pips earned from a trade. InstaForex Company offers from 1.5–5.3 pips commission from every referral`s deal. Other companies provide less reward and prefer using ambiguous wording for the purpose of avoiding comparison with the aforementioned conditions.

Such examples are numerous. However, the main idea of the above written is as follows: the conditions of partnership with InstaForex are the most advantageous for today. Other companies provide less affiliate reward and use a deliberately ambiguous language to gain advantage in comparison to their competitors. That is why our Partner Relations Department suggests acquainting with profitable benefits provided by InstaForex Company

* For major Forex pairs

Using the figures presented above you can easily compare the partnership conditions ensured by other brokers with those offered by InstaForex Company which are transparent and fair to customers and partners. InstaForex provides the best conditions indeed, so its policy is based on maximum openness in communication with potential and present partners and customers.

To make sure that the conditions of partnership with InstaForex Company are the best ones in the sphere, please get acquainted with advantages of InstaForex Affiliate Program and 11 types of partnership with the company.

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